BizLoan1 is a U. S. Veteran-owned global lending and banking correspondent; domiciled and based in Miami, FL.  Our principals have extensive backgrounds in accounting, business finance and real estate, and have served over 2,400 clients since 2000.  We understand that taking on, and managing your business debt is a serious undertaking.  


You have literally thousands of borrowing options, but we challenge you to find one company, anywhere, that has the diversity of quality financing options that you will find at BizLoan1.  Within minutes we can present, and secure financing options for:

  • Expansion Capital (Working Capital, Business Lines of Credit, Merchant Cash Advance)
  • Equipment Financing
  • Project Finance as Low As 1%
  • International Banking consultation for trade finance and project funding requirements
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Institutional Lending 
  • Commercial Finance from the Start-Up Phase to Government level

All under the same roof.


When a business owner speaks with a 'direct lender', they have a handful of loan or lease options - sometimes only one or two.  That's fine if you're lucky enough to connect directly with that bank or lender, at the right time, with the right option; but life doesn't always work that way when it comes to financing.  Banking regulations have changed the game and opened the floodgates to thousands of banks, private lenders, crowdfunding, private equity and venture capital sources.  

Which one suits you, based on your unique goals, your time frame, your budget and specific needs?  It is simply impossible for any one financial institution to provide you with all the financing you need at every stage of your business - from start-up to exit.  For that reason, BizLoan1 has access to over 2,000 lenders in the U. S., Canada and throughout Latin America and Asia.

Whether it's a direct lender, private bank, equipment finance company, working capital specialty lender or privately held hedge fund or bank, BizLoan1 can help you make the right connection and save you days, weeks, even months of searching for the right lending partner(s) for your business.


​We currently secure business financing and project funding to American businesses in  all 50 States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U. S. Territories.   If you are a U.S.-based company with locations overseas we would be happy to discuss your options for your financing needs offshore as well as domestically.

We first understand our clients; second we use our technology and preferred lending relationships to get entrepreneurs and executives the right loans, leases, working capital credit or project funding they need to keep their businesses growing or begin development.

Please feel free to contact us  directly and let's talk about how we can help you get the funds you need to keep your business growing!

Tel:  (305) 517-1710