• Find out how much you can reduce your total monthly payments
  • Find out your long term interest savings
  • Find out your estimated short and long term tax savings
  • Learn how to consolidate all your payments into 1 or 2 monthly payments

DOUBLING YOUR BENEFIT WITH TAX BREAKS  -  Many U. S. based businesses could increase their cash flow by combining lower interest and longer repayment terms with tax-advantaged loan/lease agreements.   In many cases we can show you how to use legitimate strategies to pay as little as 65 cents on the dollar for your equipment purchase or refinance!

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Is it time to consider refinancing or consolidating your business debt? 

Perhaps it’s time to review your various business loans, revolving lines of credit, factoring and explore smarter, current consolidation options. 

Whether you have several loans with various banks and financial institutions, or one high interest loan that you would like to refinance at a lower rate.  BizLoan1 has a unique approach to consolidating your company’s debt to increase your net spendable income.

A business debt consolidation loan could result in lower interest and lower monthly payments for your business, with maturities ranging from between 6 months to 30 years in length (depending on your loan type).