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Let us Set Up Your Personalized FastTrack Application Link and give your customers access to over hundreds of Equipment Finance options in minutes!  Place it on your website, or give your customers the link to apply THROUGH YOUR DEALERSHIP in the privacy of their office, home or smartphone!  

We know your challenges.  We work with dealers just like you every day, that lose a sales each year because of customers with:

  • Less than perfect credit
  • Too little time in business
  • Income that fell just short of the bank's requiements
  • and so on

We understand your buyers and because we have access to over 2,000 banks and finance companies, we can find a home for just about any of them; with finance options that will make them sign your sales agreement and go home with the equipment they want!

With BizLoan1's FastTrack Approval Program, your customers can access our quick and easy application process so that your customers can secure the financing they need without a lot of hassle.

Win more sales by offering your customers financing through BizLoan1 Capital.

  • Multiple financing options (not just a small handful of banks)
  • Access to over 2,000 banks and finance companies worldwide
  • Minimal documentation requested!
  • Start-ups to Established Clients
  • Fast, competitive financing
  • Your company's personalized website link

Don't let a lack of financing options cause you to lose more sales.  Offer quick and easy financing to your customers with BizLoan1.

With affordable payment options and our FastTrack application process, BizLoan1 helps you offer customers access to the funds they need, fast.   

Flexible.  Fast.  
Most decisions are delivered in a few minutes of receiving the small handful of requested documents.
Your customers can apply for equipment finance, and, if needed, working capital loans for the down payment or other business expenses.

Contact us to speak with a finance professional and learn how BizLoan1 Capital can help you simplify and FastTrack your sales.