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What can BizLoan1 Capital do for LENDERS & Financial Institutions?

1.  Contact us and let us know about your Loan and Lease programs!  We work with small, medium and large commercial lenders throughout the world.  We believe our clients benefit not just by having many choices, but many of the right choices; and we want to know if your loan/lease products can help our clientele. 

Once we know your lending guidelines, we upload them into our proprietary FastTrack portal and include you in our lender search.  If there's a fit, we submit directly to your designated office or loan officer.

2.  Capital Providers  -  We have access to institutional capital, and can save most institutional lenders between 30-70% on their net borrowing costs.  In most cases our institutional capital provider can offer loans and credit lines as low as 1% to 2%, with terms you will not find anywhere else. 

CONTACT US to learn more.